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Temenos Customer Support
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Contact Us

In case you experience any problems with this website, please contact us at

Welcome to the world of Temenos Customer Support. We understand that reliability, transparency, and performance are the essence of a Banking Software. The dynamic nature of the banking business is bringing about a metamorphosis in such a way that banks must ensure customer retention and operating profits. With high country wise visibility, cumulating deposits, and the increasing demands for reporting and compliance from Central Banks all over the world, it is now not just advisable however imperative that the support framework is in line with the bank's objective of having a highly reliable Banking software which ensures Operational Stability at lower costs.

In the Customer Support portal, you will witness various features ranging from an exhaustive list of FAQs and How To's, the latest updates that eliminate known issues in the system, a series of Premium Support Services which are tailor made to suit your business requirements and also testimonials from clients who have benefitted tremendously from our services.

Welcome to Temenos Customer Support Portal
Welcome to the Temenos Customer Support Portal (TCSP), a new dedicated gateway for Temenos T24 clients to access the latest product, support and training information.

The Temenos Customer Support Portal provides a wide range of information that aims to improve our clients experiences with all aspects of T24.

FAQ and How To Sections
A database has been built that holds a large range of Frequently asked questions and solutions for specific problems that our clients and consultants have experienced over the years. This database will be weekly updated with new solutions and questions.

The TCSP provides a platform where our clients can interact with other T24 clients and Temenos product managers to exchange comments on developments in the financial industry and development of Temenos T24 product range.

Issue management
Access to our existing issue management system is now provided via the TCSP.

T24 software updates
As part of the Temenos Customer Support Portal we launch a new system by which product updates will be distributed. After logon our clients will be able to search through fixes, patches and updates and download the versions that are applicable for their T24 system.

How To get access
If you are a new user, please register your details. You are a new user, if you have never logged on via this website before, even if you have used the old CSS system in the past. Your signup credentials will be verified by your Temenos contact person. Subsequently you will be sent your username and password, within two working days.